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A Lifestyle Concierge

In the traditional sense, a concierge is a person  who will undertake tasks like a secretary or a personal assistant. The modern-day concierge or a lifestyle concierge, offers a very personal service around your lifestyle. From managing your diary to getting exclusive access to sold-out shows and overbooked restaurants, a lifestyle concierge service is the answer to helping you balance your professional and personal life, especially in a new city. So, just how often could the need for this service come up? Well, quite a lot as it turns out…

Castillo concierge service

About me

I started Castillo Concierge Service ,so that I could use my personal strengths and panache to give clients the best of life – more free time.

After almost 2 decades as a personal assistant, I have seen how many benefits this service can bring to someone’s life. Whether you’re an overwhelmed mom, a busy entrepreneur or an overwhelmed executive, or soccer player. We are able to help you. Many of my clients feel overwhelmed by the daily demands of life and want to have more time with their kids, for their hobbies or their business.

Europe is my home, and for years I have dreamed of starting a business that allows me to have fun utilizing my expertise and experience to provide peace of mind and decreased stress for my clients.

At Castillo Concierge Service I have adopted the term «concierge service with panache» because we do just that. We use our professional skills and flair to decrease your workload so you can have time to enjoy life.

I look forward to working with you to customize our services to best help you manage your personal life.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help people enhance, organise and simplify life, so they can pour their time, energy, and passion into what matters most deeply.


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