Castillo Concierge Service

Castillo Concierge Service

Castillo concierge service is reserved for a high-end clientele looking for ultra-efficient personalized service. Our service can satisfy all types of requests made by wealthy customers. This may include booking a last-minute trip, finding a specific service for a special occasion, or buying luxurious items at the last minute. With a concierge, all the desires and requirements of guests are heard and executed immediately.

At Castillo Concierge Service, the failure does not exist, the priority for us is the ability to react in the moment to bring total satisfaction to our special guests. We offer a maximum of possibilities in terms of activities and services as we want to help you in the most beautiful way. From in-house chef to access to private events, do not be worried, we can handle everything, so our service will be the most memorable.


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Day to day living

We liaise closely with you to make sure that even the smallest jobs – arranging a babysitter, making a dental appointment, or heading to the post office – are taken care of.


Nightlife and entertainment

Be it day or night, we can access the best events and venues to offer you the ultimate experience. You can be sure that, wherever your journey may take you, you are never far from the entertainment.



Assisting with your property needs, we work alongside various industry professionals enabling us to ensure our clients properties are well catered for.



Castillo Concierge Service – the ideal contact to offer information on where to be.

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Travel and stay

From yachts, jets, and supercars to hotels, villas, and short stays, we offer our clients a number of choices, tailored to your preferred level of assistance.

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Leisure and wellbeing

Whether you’re fitness obsessed, or not quite as familiar, we will be glad to assist you in creating new, positive habits for your lifestyle – whether that be through the gym, yoga, therapy or any other activity.

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